With this space, we can share new, useful vocabulary that is being compiled by scholars in Tibet.  This is very useful for teaching a new generation living all over the world.  As parents, we are committed to teaching Tibetan to our children.  But in this modern age we were lacking the vocabulary for all things that were not traditionally part of Tibetans' lives.  I hope this is helpful for everyone, and that we can continue to gather new vocabulary that comes from scholars in Tibet and elsewhere.   

All of the pages at present come from a book called "New Daily Vocabulary" by Khenpo Tseltrim Loedu.

ཐ་སྙད་གསར་བ།new vocabulary

Photo Gallery: དྲ་ལམ་ནས་བསྒྲིགས་པའི་ཐ་སྙད་གསར་བ།

Photo Gallery: དྲ་ལམ་ནས་བསྒྲིགས་པའི་ཐ་སྙད་གསར་བ།


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